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Susan Stinson

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05:43 pm: Movement Class
I'm taking a movement class now with Terre Parker.  Here's a link to a facebook event page about it.  Drop ins are welcome, if you're interested and in the area.  This is my second round of the class with Terre.  I think it's wonderful.  Terre started coming to the writing room at the library when she was working on her performance/installation The Honey Land.  Terre's mother, Grace LeClair, also writes in the writing room, and performed in The Honey Land.  I loved the piece, and so I was very interested when Terre started her class.  If you've been reading here a while, you know that I had been dancing on Sunday mornings, but I stopped doing that more than year ago.  I missed moving this way, though.  I'm a fat woman in my fifties, with arthritis in my knees.  There is a lot about dancing with others that I find emotionally charged, and there are also such deep pleasures for me in getting to know my body better and learning more about the things it can do.

Today, which was the first class of the new session, the focus was on feet and legs.  For many years, I've danced without moving my feet, much.  I had pain in my ankles before I had pain in my knees, and my walking has become limited over the past few years.  (I trike a lot of places, but it's hard for me to stand as long as others can, or to walk far.)  I was worried about a focus on the feet and legs, but I really trust Terre.  She studied and danced with Anna Halprin, a dancer now in her nineties, who is still dancing.  Anna adapted many of the elements of these ways of dancing for many different bodies, and Terre has great practices in finding what works for each person. 

I'm out of time, but will leave with saying that it was truly delightful, the dancing we did.  Terre brought in anatomical drawings of the bones of the feet, too, which are so great.  The knobs above the feet that I've always thought were ankle bones are really the end of the leg bones!  We did feet dances sitting on benches three at a time that were really fun, and we moved about the room with the focus on our feet in ways that made me cry.  It sounds so simple.  It is so simple.  It's hard and lovely, too.   

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