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11:07 am: Upcoming Events in May and June.
I'm part of  four events coming up in the next month or so, so thought I'd list them here.

Next Wednesday, May 15, I'll be going to the launch of the very first issue of Plum, the new student-run, faculty-guided literary magazine from Greenfield Community College.  Erik Risinger did an interview with me that I think will be in this issue, and I'll be giving a very short, blink-and-you-miss-it reading at the launch.  Erik was seeking out people who love their work, and he was a true pleasure to talk with.  Plum, advised by poet and publisher Maria Williams-Russell, has a cool mission statement and is open to submissions. MacLeish Room, 3rd Floor, near the library entrance.   3-4 pm.  Free.

On Friday, May 24, I'll be joining Hanne Blank and Lesley Kinzel  in Cambridge for reading in which we will, as Lesley says "be fat at you."  My first four books all centered on fat lesbians, and my upcoming book does not, but, believe me, fatness still comes up on a regular basis in my external and internal life.  It'll be pretty wild to be getting on the Peter Pan Bus, limp, luggage, cpap machine and all, and go to the big city to read in the context of these two very high-powered writers and thinkers about fatness, whose work is so different from mine.  I haven't read in the Boston-area in AGES  (the panel I was on recently at the MLA wasn't a reading), and that's were I lived when I first moved east from Colorado in 1983.  Hanne, Lesley and I have never read together as a group before. And, yeah, my writing life has been largely in the land of 18th century Calvinists for nearly a decade.  (Well, but Venus of Chalk came out during that time, so not entirely.)  This has come together on very short notice, since Hanne is about to relocate south.  But, writing about fat and lots of emotional intensity to back it up in a reading?  I've got it, it's pleasure to have it called for, and in such company.

$10-$20* sliding scale at the door
Athenaeum Building
215 First St., Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA
Books for sale and to be signed by the authors 
More about the event, including bios, at Hanne Blank's blog.

Then, on Sunday, June 2nd, 5-9 pm, I'll be part of the Shape&Nature Fundraiser/​Party at Bishop's Lounge in Northampton.
Loads of great writers and musicians, including Amy Dryansky and Jed Berry. Plus, there's a raffle, and Small Beer has donated some of their fantastic books.
I'm reading at 6 for 15 minutes
$10 door.
Performance Schedule and details here.

Finally,  Wednesday, June 5, 7-8:30 pm, we're having the third annual reading from the Writing Room! Every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 9:30- 12:30, writers of every description -- novelists, poets, memoir writers, essayists, journalists, translators, performance artists and more -- join me for companionable writing time.   The Writing Room has been open for three years, so we're celebrating with a reading.   We end our writing time together with the option of sharing a quick taste of our writing, and now we're offering a sampler to the community. Very short readings: 3.5 minutes each!

Join us to hear:  Sally Bellerose, Carolyn Cushing, Bernadette Giblin, Kat Good-Schiff, Cynthia Hinckley, Grace LeClair, Philip C. Maurer, Rick McNeil, Ellen Meeropol, Mary Nelen, Megan Nolan, Shane Sinclair and me.  There's a whole lot of fabulousness and belovedness in that list.  Read more about the writing room here and here.

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