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Susan Stinson

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03:44 pm: Springfield Republican article
The Springfield Republican ran a long, lovely article by Cori Urban about walking with me through the Bridge Street cemetery.

That was really fun. And I'm looking forward to the book launch on Wednesday Oct 2 7 pm, First Churches and the cemetery tour on Saturday Oct 5. (Tickets $5, available at Broadside Books.)

For the record, there were other native people living in Northampton when Sally Maminash died and there are now.

I love people who get excited about cemetery tours. I'm one, Cori is clearly another, and I ran into a gentleman at Historic Northampton yesterday who told me that his wife called him "Mr. Excitement" because of his love for cemetery tours. (He gave them in Princeton, where Jonathan Edwards is buried.) He gave me a great tip about where to find the brochures for a self-guided tour of the cemetery in Princeton, should I ever find myself there. It's like a club.

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