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Susan Stinson

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02:48 pm: New Interview: Grab the Lapels
There is a new interview with me posted at Grab the Lapels, a book blog by writer and critic Melanie Page.

The interview took me through all of my previous books to my present time.  As I wrote my answers, I realized that, in some ways, the move I made to write Spider in a Tree after Venus of Chalk in some ways mirrored what Carline, the protagonist of Venus of Chalk, did in pressing herself to confront the sources of her internalized fat hatred.  Doing a deep dive into the religious and social histories of my New England town brought me to grapple with the implications of the northern slavery and the legacies of that history that had continued unchallenged in aspects of my culture, of my inner life.  All of that work is ongoing, of course.  It's useful for me to see that at this intense moment.

Melanie Page is a literary background and a strong voice as critic.  She's given herself the challenge in 2017 of reading fat positive fiction written by women.  She's finding herself disappointed by many of the books she's reading.  I glad that she's taking this on. It feels to me like part of a new wave of writing around fatness and a new practice of readers asking for more.  I hope it's true. 

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