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Susan Stinson
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I'm a novelist and poet. My most recent novel is Spider in a Tree from Small Beer Press. The others are Venus of Chalk; Martha Moody; and Fat Girl Dances with Rocks. There's also the hard to find but cool Belly Songs: In Celebration of Fat Women, a chapbook of poetry and short fiction. I'm at work on Lamentation Hill, a new novel, set in 17thC New England, inspired by Elizabeth Tuttle, the wild grandmother of Jonathan Edwards.

I'm a freelance editing and writing coach. I also give cemeteries tours in Northampton, MA. I was Writer in Residence at Forbes Library (2010-15), where I facilitate now a writing room on Saturday morning. In 2016, I had a writing fellowship at Hawthornden Castle in Scotland, and research fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society.

I learned to type on a manual typewriter and entering the world of livejournal feels a little like the moment in the Hitchcock movie Vertigo when Jimmy Stewart kisses his fraudulent-yet-true beloved who he thought was dead and weird spirals start whirling around the screen. Kind of wonderful, kind of disorienting. I'm enjoying it.

Anyone is very welcome to comment on posts. If you don't have a livejournal, this will show up as an anonymous comment, which you can sign with your name or not, as you wish. I take a look at anonymous posts before they appear, so there will be a delay before your comment shows up.

Thinking of adding me? Welcome!

Susan Stinson